Please prepare cash (KRW) in case your credit card does not work in the Korean transportation system.


Participants from visa waivers and visa-free countries should apply for K-ETA. K-ETA is an online electronic travel permit that must be obtained before visa-free foreign visitors arrive in Korea. The applicant can confirm the results by official website, within 48 hours after completing the K-ETA application. However, in some case it may take 72 hours or more.
To apply K-ETA, please Check:

From April 1, 2023, to December 31, 2024, K-ETA(VISA) will be temporarily exempted to 22 countries/regions.
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Macao, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, UK, US (including Guam) Participants from the other countries must apply for a K-eta or visa :

Also, You need to fill out a Covid 19 advance questionnaire to enter Korea. It may take some time to fill out the questionnaire, so we recommend downloading the Q-code and filling it out in advance.
For more information about Q-code, Please check:

Workshop venue

The venue of the NUFACT 2023 workshop is the Lecture Center (building-28) for Natural Science at Seoul National University.



Using a car : Go straight from the main gate of SNU and enter the gate 4 (parking permit is required).

Using public transportation : Subway Line No. 2 (Green Line), Seoul National University Station or Naksungdae Station

In case you are at the Seoul National University Station (Exit No. 3)
  • Bus No. 5513 (Get off the entrance to College of Natural Science)
  • Bus No. 5511 (Get off the entrance to College of Natural Science)

  • Then walk to gate number 4 to find the building 28

    In case you are at the Naksungdae Station (Exit No. 4)
  • Village bus No. 02 (Ge off at the Nodle-gol)

  • Using a shuttle bus (at the SNU main gate)
  • Take a shuttle bus at the main gate of Seoul National University and get off at the College of Natural Science.

  • * SNU Campus map: [link]

    Hoam Faculty House

    Hoam Faculty House is building #125 on the map: [Link to the map]


     Way #1 From Incheon airport to Hoam   

    1. Take the "#6017 Airport limousine bus (Naksungdae) at the GATE 27 (at ICN Terminal 2) or GATE 6B (at ICN Terminal 1).

    2. Get off at the last stop "Hoam Faculty House“ 

          Note! Do NOT take the bus #6003 (Seoul National University) in case your stay is the Hoam Faculty House!
           The Hoam Faculty House is more than a mile away (hilly road) from the SNU main gate.


    Way #2. From Gimpo airport to Hoam


          1.Take the "#6003 Airport limousine bus" at the Bus terminal #6.

            The bus will depart every 20 minutes. The bus fare is 6,000 won by cash.

          2.Get off at the main gate of Seoul National University.

            Take a taxi or a shuttle from the main gate of Seoul National University

          Note! The Hoam Faculty House is more than a mile away (hilly road) from the SNU main gate.

           - Shuttle service from SNU main gate to Hoam Faculty House is available upon reservation only.

           - Running hour of shuttle : 08:00~18:00 (Monday to Friday).

           - Please contact at 82-2-880-0311 for reservation

    Way #3 By Taxi

              1.Take a taxi from Incheon/Gimpo airport to Hoam Faculty House(HFH).

             2.The fare may vary upon traffic conditions.


    Incheon Airport  HFH Gimpo Airport  HFH
    80,000 won (~$60) 30,000 won (~$23)




    Useful Information

    If you get a taxi in Seoul, show the following to the taxi driver:

    • 서울대학교 호암교수회관으로 가 주세요 (Please go to the HOAM faculty house at Seoul National University)
    • 서울대학교로가 주세요 (Please go to Seoul National University)
    • 서울대입구역으로 가 주세요 (Please go to Seoul National University subway station)
    • 낙성대역으로 가 주세요 (Please go to Naksungdae subway station) 
    • XXX-로 가 주세요 (XXX-ro ga zu-se-yo: Please go to XXX)


    All taxis in Seoul accept credit cards (prepare some cash (KRW) just in case your credit card doesn't work.).
    Please show the following to the taxi driver if you need a receipt.

    • 영수증 주세요 (Please give me the receipt) 


    Currency, ATMs, services, etc 

  • 1 USD ~ 1,300 KRW
  • Most (almost all) stores accept credit card
  • There is no tipping culture in Korea (including taxi, restaurant and hotel services, unless otherwise specified)
  • What you see is what you pay (VAT is already included in the price tag)